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People inherently love advice, even when they don’t need it. In Business though, advice crosses over into a much more serious realm simply because it is attached to making money, or losing money. Many will dole out advice when in fact they are not qualified to do so. It is important to carefully filter both solicited and unsolicited information to best serve your business.
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Lettimdoit can advise you on every topic discussed on this Website and more. With almost 40 years of Retail, Manufacturing, Food Service and Customer Service Experience, we know a lot and we can easily stand behind that claim. We’re here to listen first, only then do we proceed to dispense profitable advice.

If any task happens to be beyond our scope, we’ll tell you so up front and in most cases, offer you a viable alternative resource. Our Advice will always be sound because it will always be totally honest and fact based.

It goes without saying that we want your business but we are also sincerely passionate about helping you to follow the right path to success. We can say how great we are and how much we can help you all day long…

The proof will only come when you experience the benefit of our advice. That said, we’ll expect to have a long and mutually profitable relationship with you...

We know that we can benefit your company in so many ways. The most valuable of those benefits is our promise to always stay excited and always be at the top of our game while working with you.

Call Us to schedule your free consultation. Our discussion will identify your needs for Starting or Growing your business, Developing or Renovating your Business Image, or Improving upon Your Operational Efficiencies. From there, the plan to fulfill those needs can be established.
When Your Business Image needs to be established or revamped... Let Tim do it.

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