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The one serious drawback to doing everything yourself is that you tend to micro-manage. No matter how good you are, this will always hinder true growth. Lettimdoit offers You the Time to Operate and Grow your company by functioning as Your One Stop Business Improvement Shop.

As Designers with real world business experience, we have an innate ability to step into your shoes, allowing us to better evaluate Your vision. This leads to smarter design, resulting in a More Popular Image.  Lettimdoit is Efficient, Effective, Reliable, and Reasonable, both in cost and in temperament.

Whatever Your Business Image Needs… Lettimdoit.

As a self employed retailer and manufacturer beginning in 1977, Tim Papadeas always shaped and designed every aspect of his companies, from décor and merchandising, to manufacturing and administration procedures.

“The biggest mistake that I think I’ve made in business was to operate the stores that I created. I would get bored easily, and began to realize that running the day to day wasn’t for me, yet I continued to do it. Setting up shop; the design, the infrastructure, this was always the most enjoyable parts of my career in retail and manufacturing. My passion resided in every facet of the Development and Branding process. Creating a better look with better function is an incredible rush for me, and consequently, it keeps me interested. In 2007, I finally woke up to these facts, and chose to follow my passion, use my God given talent, and make this my profession. I can only say, as humbly as possible, that I am Your “Go To” guy, and given the opportunity, you will experience this for yourself”.

Consider it “Special Ops” for The Business Owner.

It is inevitable that we will all come upon the need to have something researched and/or expedited that may be outside of the realm of daily operation. If you should encounter any difficulties procuring virtually anything that is commercially related, regardless of whether or not it is within the confines of our listed services, Lettimdoit can and will find the means to provide your solution.
When Your Business Image needs to be established or revamped... Let Tim do it.

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